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By kve820
Published: December 30, 2005
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Superbowl Winners and losers History

Superbowl Forty is right around the corner now. It won't be long till we crown the 2005 champion. But you ever wonder why so many teams seem to always make it to the show? But there are always the ones that never make it too.

Out of 39 chances where does your team rank in superbowl appearances? The Dallas Cowboys have been in the most superbowls with 8 appearances and the Denver Broncos are second with 6 appearances. There are several with 5 appearances like the New England Patriots, Oakland/LA Raiders, Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins.

It is truly amazing the teams that seem to always be in the hunt for the big show after decades and decades of football. Tradition has alot to do with it in some sorts, being competitive year in and year out. But then you get the one hit wonders too. Teams that have been there only once but won it all. Like the Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Then you have teams that never has seen the promised land as well.
1)Arizona Cardinals- as St. Louis or Phoenix hasn't mattered at all.
2)Seattle Seahahawks- and this year?
3)New Orleans Saints
4)Detroit Lions
5)Jacksonville Jaguars -still new not alot of histroy yet
6)Houston Texans- way to new
7)Indianapolis Colts- did as Baltimore Colts came close as Indy a few times and this year?
8)Cleveland Browns- came close as old Browns

Year after year these clubs seem to miss the out on the playoff's, a chance to make it to the show. Now not all the Teams Indy for sure has made strides on trying to get there as of late. So has the Seattle Seahawks, now can you think for a second here if the Colts play the Seahawks in the Superbowl. It will be a first for each franchise Colts as Indy and first time for Seattle period.

It really sounds strange to say these things but it is pretty amazing to me that along with these clubs that has never been to the Superbowl there have been several that have been at least once or more but have never won a superbowl,
1)Atlanta Falcons 0-1
2)Carolina Panthers 0-1
3)Tennessee Titans 0-1
4)San Diego Chargers 0-1
5)Cincinnati Bengals 0-2
6)Philadelphia Eagles 0-2
7)Buffalo Bills 0-4
8)Minnesota Vikings 0-4

So 17 teams have won at least a 1 superbowl (2 different Baltimore teams, Colts/ Ravens)

That means there are 16 current teams that have not won a superbowl and of those 16 clubs 8 have never even been to a superbowl. This taking in account Indy as a seperate team from the Old Colts from Baltimore.

Teams like the Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills have been 4 times each and have lost each time including the Bills 4 times in a row. A record that may stand forever.

When you break it all down the same teams seem to repeat over time, The same ones keep playing for a chance to win and others do not even come close. Here is a brief History of some of the teams that have repeated many times in the superbowls.

Some teams like the Dolphins have been 5 times in their history, winning 2 of them, but when was the last time the Dolphins were in a superbowl? 1985. Its hard to belive that 20 years have passed since the Dolphins were in the superbowl. Seems the teams go through periods of inactivity in the hunt for the superbowl. Their last win in the superbowl was in 1974.

The Denver Broncos have been in 6 superbowls second most appearances, losing 4 of them before winning 2 in a row in the late 90's. This team has suffered the largest loss in superbowl history, losing 55-10 to the 49ers. But this team has played in superbowls in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

The Oakland Raiders have been to 5 superbowls from the 60's, 70's, 80's missed the 90's but have been there in the 2000's.

New England have been to 5 Superbowls, they have won 3 out the last 4 Superbowls but went in 80's and 90's once each.

Dallas Cowboys have been in more superbowls than any other team, 8 in all winning 5 of them. They won 3 of the them in the 90's but before that they had not won since 1978. They missed the 80's altogether.

San Francisco have won 5 superbowls, every superbowl this team has played in they have won. The lastest in 1995. Before the 80's and 90's the 49er's were not in the superbowl or since the last one.

The 70's Steelers were as Dominate as a Superbowl team you will ever see. Winning 4 from 75, 76 and 79 and 1980 which was for the 1979 season. But lost to the Cowboys in 1996. Making the superbowl record 4-1.

The Washington Redskins have been to 5 superbowls winning 3 of them. But have played in Superbowls in 70's, 80's and 90's.

The Green Bay Packers of the 1960's were the elite team of the 60's decade in my opinion. They won Superbowls 1 and 2 but before they even played the new game called the "Superbowl" they were champions. Dominating the 60's. They didn't play in another superbowl till January 1997 by beating the Patriots.

All in all a common theme comes into play. Most teams that have played in superbowls have in the past spread out over years of competition. It maybe built into those teams. Then you have just the opposite in teams that have never been. If you can use the history as a factor some teams may never win a superbowl and some may never even get the chance while others will keep winning and getting more chances.

If history does play a factor I am curious of who the Denver Broncos are going to play in the Superbowl in 2007? Bare with me if you will. The Broncos have went to the superbowl in 1977, 1987, and 1997 and 2007? If history repeats itself it may happen.

Now for interesting stuff, how many Superbowl appearances have each division been in and won?

AFC East 15 appearances 6 wins
AFC North 8 appearances 5 wins
AFC South 3 appearance 1 wins (counting Baltimore Colts)
AFC West 14 appearances 6 wins (counting LA/ Oakland Raiders)

NFC EAST 18 appearances 10 wins
NFC North 9 appearances 4 wins
NFC South 3 appearances 1 wins
NFC West 8 appearances 6 wins (counting LA/ST. Louis Rams)

Now before anyone says I'm crazy, yes I realize that the AFC has 40 superbowl appearances and the NFC has 38 why? Because of the Merger of the AFL and NFL the Baltimore Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns were a original NFL teams but became a AFC teams, but the Colts played a superbowl as a NFL team, Superbowl 3 versus the NY Jets, and were not a AFC team then but their records carried over to the AFC. So unless another realignment happens the AFC will always be one up on the NFC in appearances. The NFC leads in Superbowl Wins with a 21 to 18 lead over AFC teams.

What is going on in the South? Neither AFC or NFC South are doing well over time it appears. But look at the AFC and NFC East both are far ahead of everyone in appearances except the AFC West. AFC and NFC North are pretty darn close and AFC and NFC West are close also but the West teams are closer in wins than appearances.

These are pretty interesting numbers. History seems to be something that follows teams good or bad, something has to change or teams seem to follow the same beaten paths. Good luck this year, we have some new blood trying to change their history in doing so will change the NFL history as well.

On a side note, whoever wins the Superbowl this year although played in Feb. 2006 is only the 2005 Champion not the 2006 Champion, some people have that confused, you can't be a champion of a season that hasn't been played yet.

Superbowl Standings Wins/ Losses

San Francisco 49ers 5-0
Baltimore Ravens 1-0
Chicago Bears 1-0
New York Jets 1-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0
Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1
Green Bay Packers 3-1
New York Giants 2-1
Dallas Cowboys 5-3
New England Patriots 3-2
Oakland/L.A. Raiders 3-2
Washington Redskins 3-2
Baltimore Colts 1-1
Kansas City Chiefs 1-1
Miami Dolphins 2-3
Denver Broncos 2-4
St. Louis/L.A. Rams 1-2
Atlanta Falcons 0-1
Carolina Panthers 0-1
Tennessee Titans 0-1
San Diego Chargers 0-1
Cincinnati Bengals 0-2
Philadelphia Eagles 0-2
Buffalo Bills 0-4
Minnesota Vikings 0-4

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