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By GatorsRock and Crunked
Published: September 21, 2007
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Week 3
Gator you are starting off slowly this year. Must be those stubby little legs holding you back. Here is your get even, well at least start to get even week, I picked some leaners this week. Count those garbanzo's

I'm not going to be tanning any this week because I'm red from embarrassment. I finished the week at 3-13 to bring my season total to 9-23. Can we please go back to straight up? You went 8-8 to bring your season total up to 17-15. You are 12-4 in the games we disagree on after a 6-1 beatdown last week. We have another 9 different picks, so we have disagreed on over half of the games played so far.

Spread: -3 Jets

Gator Says: This is one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL. Unfortunately for the Fish, the Jets have owned them recently and it is in New York. Not to mention they get Chad Pennington back. Jets by 10 and cover.

Bait Says: The Dolphins are better than you might think,and they haven't even began to sip the Ginn... Their defense is suspect, their offense sputtering Take the Dolphins and the points.

Spread: -4.5 Chargers

Gator Says: This is an interesting game. Chargers have disappointed and the Packers have impressed. Brett Farve seems to still have it and he's been way more efficient then in previous years. Chargers are trying not to match last years loss total in Week 3, but not only do the Packers cover, they get the W.

Bait Says: Gator is getting ahead of himself here. Offenses in general take time to get into a rhythm. They are always behind the development of the D. Chargers to cover and gator trys to scratch his head with his stubby little gator arm

Spread: -8.5 Steelers

Gator Says:
Niners have played 2 close games and the Steelers have played in 2 blowouts. The only things similar in these games are that both teams are 2-0 and both teams defense is their strong part. Sorry Steeler fans. I don't know what Bait is going to do picking wise, but after picking you to lose both weeks I will finally jump on the Steeler bandwagon. Steelers win by 7, but don't cover in this ridiculous spread.

Bait Says: I agree that the 8.5 point spread is gigantic for this one. I wonder what the so called experts know that gator and I dont? At any rate I believe in the niners, but I am scared that it will be a route. In the I am up two on gator why not way, take the Niners and the points.


Spread: -16 Patriots

Gator Says: Sorry Bills fans, but the Patriots are still pissed. Lock of the week. Patriots by 24(38-14) and cover.

Bait Says: 16 points is hard to pass up but I am going to.... the Patriots are unstoppable until a loss says otherwise. Take the Pats to cover....eventually.


Spread: -2 Chiefs

Gator Says: It's just a matter of time before the Chiefs offense catches up to its defense. Wait a second, did I really just write that? I've read chiefzilla's posts defending his Chiefs so much that I can't help but taking the Chiefs to win this game. Chiefs by 3 and cover.

Bait Says: Its the sale of the century, everything must go!. The Chiefs are giving away points, possibly the only time you will see that all year. I love charity and you should too take the Vikes and the points!


Spread: -7 Detroit

Gator Says: Raise your hand if you had one of these teams at 2-0 and one of these teams at 0-2 entering this game. Now lower it if you thought Detroit would be 2-0 and Philly 0-2. No hands? Exactly. McNabb seems to be more worried about race issues then on his teams struggles. Has a 2-0 team ever been a 7 point underdog to a 0-2 team? Gators Upset pick of the Week: Not only does Detroit cover, they win.

Bait Says: Another fire sale, where is the buy one win, get one free table? McNabb is definitely worried about skin color gator. I hope you don't mind if I admit that my pick this week is based soley on prejudice, sorry. Take the Eagles because their green and the points.


Spread: - 3.5 Tampa

Gator Says: So my St. Louis surprise team pick hasn't turned out too good so far. Tampa had an impressive win against the Saints, but are the Saints even good anymore? Was that really an upset? I like Tampa's D to get more stops against the Rams potent O then vice versa. Bucs win by 4 and cover

Bait Says: St. Louis ( really should change their name to the Blues) there are no Rams in Missouri. How about the St. Loius Sheep, the catch phrase we're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Actually the offense is coming around, and the defense doesn't need to do much to stop the 4 armed attack the Bucs bring, take the sheep and their baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ass points for the win.


Spread: -7.5 Baltimore

Gator Says: Baltimore tried to pull an Arizona last week and blow a lead. Fortunately for them they didn't blow it. Arizona on the other hand pulled off a very nice W on a Rackers FG. McNair's status is still up in the air, but will it even matter? Ravens by 3, Cards cover

Bait Says: I agree with Gator on this one, the Ravens might just win but the score will be tight. Take the Cards to cover.


Spread: -6 Indy

Gator Says: This is a very dangerous game for Indy. Houston has not only been good this season, they have been dominant and with NO's blowout loss to the Bucs in mind, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Texans have been more impressive then the Colts. The key will be on the defensive line as Mario dominated week 1, then Okoye dominated week 2. They will need a big time effort from both if they want to get enough pressure on Peyton. Colts being the master of the close game wins by just 3 and Texans cover.

Bait Says: Gator is right the Texans have been dangerous up to now. They are a young-good team. I can't believe I just typed that. This is a perfect storm type game though. Look for the Colts to blast this one upen after the half. Colts to beat the spread.


Spread: -3.5 Denver

Gator Says: Jags offense has actually been halfway decent moving the ball, they just haven't consistently been able to put points up on the board. The only thing that the Broncos have done consistently is pull out wins by the skin of their teeth or Jason Elam's foot. Jags are better than the 2 teams the Broncos have beat so far, but I think this might be the Broncos breakout game. Broncos by 10 and cover

Bait Says: This is the first week Gator hasn't picked the Jags to dominate, who says an old gator can't learn a few new tricks? But gator has it right though, Take the Broncos in this one no matter what the spread


Spread: -3 Oakland

Gator Says: Cleveland put up 51 points last week, but they will be playing a much tougher defense this week. Haven't they reached their quota for the next 3-4 weeks? Oakland should have won if it wasn't for the refs late blown whistle after Janikowski kicked the GW in OT. I'll go with the home team Raiders by 4

Bait Says: Here I find myself in another cant believe I am about to say it quandry....But the Raiders are a better team this year than even I envisioned. Give Oakland the big fat W and the cover here.


Spread: -3.5 Seattle

Gator Says: Bengals were absolutely embarrassed defensively against the Browns typically inept offense, so it's common sense to think that Seattle's more high powered offense should put up enough points isn't it? WRONG. Gators bold prediction of the week: Bengals D gives up less than 28 points and Cincy's O scores over 30. Bengals win by 7.

Bait Says:Look , I just want to say I am sorry to the Bengals fans that read this, but it has to be said. This team couldn't find water even when jumping off a boat right now. The defense, yeah, what defense. I was totally bummed at their performance last week, so this may be just a one week hate, but its a strong hate right now and they will have to do something pretty specatular to shut me, until then take the Hawks to beat the Bengals to a striped pulp


Spread: -4 Panthers

Gator Says: Atlanta is horrible. Carolina isn't horrible. Carolina by 7 and cover.

Bait Says: (cough) Carolina (cough)Atlanta-dog bitten(cough)Oh look Harrington just got sacked again....


Spread: -3.5 Washington

Gator Says: Washington is only a 3 point favorite at home? Giants D has given up over a TD more then the Bengals D so far. Redskins have fallen in love with the deep ball and running. Redskins have plenty of weapons with Portis, Betts, Campbell, Moss, Cooley, Randle El, should be a high scoring game. Redskins by 7 and cover

Bait Says:I read an interesting statistic the other day gator. It said that the Giants, going back to last season, have lost 9 of their last 11. Is their a warm seat in NY someone would like to point out? I will take your Skins and say they cover and they better cover dang it!


Spread: -3 Bears

Gator Says: This is Rex Grossman's last chance. He won't disappoint. Chicago by 10 and cover

Bait Says: This is the Cowboys week, take the Boys and the 3 points that Rex can't muster up.


Spread: -5 Saints

Gator Says: Titans played the defending champs extremely tough last week, while New Orleans laid another egg. Let's see. New Orleans lost by 31 points on the road. Tennessee lost by 2 points at home. 3 point swing for location against the Colts and a 3 point swing for the game being in New Orleans, so Titans by 23.

Bait Says:
Vince young trash talked the Colts last week even while picking himself up off the turf. He will have to beat the Saints with his arm and I just don't see that happening. The Saints on the other hand look as devistated as their city. Look for it to be close early on with the Saints pulling away at the end to beat the spread.

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